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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • What are Folders and Labels
  • How Folders and Labels are used in the platform
  • Benefits of organizing your data

Organizing Your Entities

Folders and Labels are two tools you can use to organize your entities. While they are often paired together, they actually work quite differently and are best for different scenarios. As you have probably guessed, there is no one right way to use folders or labels; different business cases will require different strategies. You’ll learn more about how to manage Folders and Labels, as well as common use cases in this module.

Folders vs. Labels

Folders are a way to organize your entities, just like in a filing cabinet. Labels, on the other hand, are more like tags - like searchable keywords across your filing cabinet. While an entity can only be in one folder, an entity can have as many labels as needed. Folders also tend to be more stable, whereas labels can come and go with much more frequency.

For Folders, we recommend putting together a strategy for how you want to organize your folders. Often times, customers use things like geography (country, region, city, DMA), brands, and entity types as key properties to folder on, often in combination. You can create up to 5 levels of sub-folders so you have a fair amount of flexibility.

For Labels, we recommend adding and removing without overthinking it. If you have an entity that you need to review later, add a label as a reminder. Often times, labels are either for quick reminders or used in order to reference a set of entities in other parts of the product easily.

Folders Labels
Organize entities, like a filing cabinet Quick tags on entities
Entities can have multiple No Yes
Can filter in Entity Search Yes Yes
Can filter in Universal Entity Picker Yes Yes
Can assign user roles on Yes No
Can create new ones in bulk using Entity Upload Yes Yes
Can assign to entities in bulk using Entity Upload Yes Yes
Visible in most exports, like Listings & Reviews Yes No

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