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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How to set up users for Review Response Approvals
  • How to submit a review response for approval
  • How to approve a review response


The Review Response Approval Functionality allows users to suggest responses which must be approved by another user with permission before the response is actually submitted.

How to Set Up Users to be Approvers and Suggesters

In order to use Review Response Approvals you will need to have users in your Yext account set up to have the permissions to be a Suggester and Approver.

All that’s required is one user with the ‘Review Response with Approval’ permission to submit a response, and one user with the ‘Approve review responses’ permission to approve the responses.

If you don’t necessarily want users to have to approve each review response, you can allow certain users to only respond to reviews using pre-approved assets. That way, since they are using pre-approved content, you can trust the quality of the response. You can also limit users to responding with assets and still require approval for each response.

This can be configured in a few different ways.

To do this:

  1. Add a user with the ‘Review Response with approval permission’.

    • This can be done by selecting the ‘Customer Care Requester’ built-in role; that role provides access to suggest review responses, but all responses must go through approvals. One thing to note is that the Customer Care Requester role can respond to reviews using Assets, so their responses will not require approval if an asset is used.
    • This can also be done by creating a custom role, where a user can respond to reviews with approval. You can designate whether you require an approval of each response, if they can only respond using Assets and not require approval, or if they can only use Assets but still require approval.
  2. Ensure that there is a user in the account with the ‘Approve review responses’ permission. This role can be explicitly assigned through a custom role, but it is also built-in to Account Manager and Full Control roles that can manage most of the account.

Review Response Approval Settings

Note: Both of these users (the Approver, and Suggester) will need the permission to “View reviews for location” on the relevant locations.

Set up Approval Notifications

Once you have configured your users to suggest and approve review reponses, you can also set up notifications to alert users that there is a new suggested review response.

Approvers can receive notifications to alert them when there is a review response ready for review. That way, they don’t need to monitor the Approvals tab in the platform, but you can take action once you receive the relevant notifications.

Users who suggested responses can also receive notifications to alert them when the status of the response has changed.

To do this:

  1. Click the profile icon at the bottom-left of the navigation bar, and then Account Settings.
  2. Click Account Features from the Account Settings screen.
  3. Click Review Response Approval in the Approvals section.
  4. To turn on Author notifications to send email notifications when their content is approved or rejected select the checkbox next to Authors.
  5. To turn on Approver notifications to send email notifications when there is content available for review select the checkbox next to Approvers.

How to Suggest Review Responses

If a user has the proper permissions to be a Suggester then suggesting a review response is easy!

All they need to do is respond to reviews the same way that you normally would in the Yext platform. The only difference you will see is that the Respond button will now be a Suggest Response button (or Suggest Comment if they are responding to a Facebook Recommendation).

suggest a review response

How to Approve Review Responses

If you have the proper credentials to approve a review response, all you need to do is navigate to Reviews > Response Approvals and hover over the response that you would like to approve or reject. From there you have the option to Approve, Reject, or Reject with Comments (comments will be emailed to the author of the response).

approve or reject a review response

To Approve or Reject responses in bulk, click on the checkbox to the left of the responses you want to interact with and then use the Approve and Reject buttons at the top of the screen.

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