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New Release Features
For a full list of features, visit the Spring ‘23 Release Notes .

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Datashake Reviews App

With this release users can now monitor reviews from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store using the Datashake Reviews App.

The Datashake Reviews App, which works with all entity types, allows businesses to pull app store reviews into Yext so they can monitor and analyze feedback via Sentiment Analysis.

To monitor these reviews, you will need to install the Datashake Reviews app in your Yext account, and set up the configuration settings for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For full steps, visit our Install Datashake Connector App guide.

How This impacts You

Monitoring app store reviews is crucial to understanding app performance and maintaining user engagement. An additional benefit of monitoring app store reviews with Yext is the ability to leverage Sentiment Analysis* to help identify the contributors to positive and negative experiences with your app.

*Sentiment Analysis is only included with Yext’s Review Response subscription.

Feature Availability

This app has automatically been added to all accounts, so you can start taking advantage of it today.

Additional Resources

Zendesk and Salesforce Reviews App Updates

The Zendesk and Salesforce Service Cloud Reviews App allow you to manage and respond to reviews that come into Yext via Zendesk or Salesforce. However, previously, if someone updated or deleted their review on a site like Google, those changes would not be reflected in Salesforce Service Cloud or Zendesk.

With this update, all review responses, updates to reviews, and deletions are updated as comments on each corresponding Salesforce Service Cloud or Zendesk ticket. These tickets can also be updated with the appropriate reviewer name and email, ensuring that each customer review interaction is stored completely both in Salesforce Service Cloud or Zendesk and in Yext.

How This Impacts You

These two apps allow users to pull in reviews that are managed from Yext into Salesforce Service Cloud or Zendesk, giving them the ability to monitor and respond to reviews within the customer service platform of their choice. This enhancement to include updates to reviews that were changed or deleted, allows for an even more seamless between the two systems.

Feature Availability

These updates have automatically been applied to these apps, so you can start taking advantage of it today.

Additional Resources

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