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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • The different Yext APIs
  • What is an Endpoint?
  • What kind of information can be accessed via API?


At Yext, we currently offer three different APIs:

  1. Knowledge API
  2. Live API
  3. Administrative API

Each of these APIs offer different “endpoints”, or information access points, for integrations. Endpoints are the only way you can interact with an API. At Yext, you can think of Analytics and Entity data as two separate endpoints.

We have different APIs for different use cases. The Knowledge API exists for use cases like data transfer between internal systems, and the Live API exists for consumer facing use cases (mobile apps, websites, chatbots).

Knowledge API

The Knowledge API allows you to add, update, or remove your brand facts across all your business applications. This API is capped at 5,000 requests per hour. Some of the Knowledge API endpoints include:

  • Entities - Create, Delete, and Update Entity Content across different object types:
    • Location, Event, Healthcare Professional, Healthcare Facility, ATM, Restaurant, Custom Entities, etc.
  • Listings - Monitor Entity Listings
  • Reviews - Monitor, Respond, and Generate Customer Reviews
  • Analytics - Build and Receive Performance Metrics
  • Account Settings - Manage Users

Live API

The Live API is read-only and allows you to pull your brand facts from the Knowledge Graph to any user-facing applications, such as store locators or mobile apps, in real-time. The Live API has a much higher rate limit and is capped at 100,000 requests per hour. This is because the Live API is intended to process a high volume of requests. Some of the Live API endpoints include:

  • Entities - Publish any entity content, grab multiple Entities with addresses near a given geographical point
  • Entity Language Profiles - Retrieve a Language Profile for an Entity
  • Bios - Publish your people bios
  • Products - Publish your products & services lists

Administrative API

With the Administrative API you can grant agents, advisors, or franchisees access to Yext. You can update your Yext account and obtain login tokens programmatically. The Administrative API is designed for partners and lets you manage customer accounts, their subscriptions, and their profile-optimization tasks. To learn more, see the Administrative API documentation. Examples of common use cases:

  • Create and manage customer accounts and subscriptions
  • Connect SSO

NOTE: You need a sandbox account to test your Administrative API integration. Contact your Client Success Manager or submit a request using this form and select Developers in the ‘What area of the platform do you need help with?’ section.

Example Use Cases

Let’s walk back through a few of our use cases from the previous unit and talk about which API and which endpoints they would leverage.

Financial Services Client uses Read/Write API to maintain ATM Entity Information in the Knowledge Graph

  • Knowledge API (because it needs to be read/write)
  • Entities endpoint (because they’re dealing with ATM entities!)

Alien Telecom uses Read API to pull Yext Information into POS (Point of Sale) System

  • Live API (because it is read only, and needs to be called frequently)
  • Entities Endpoint (because they’re getting store information)
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