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In this section, you will learn:

  • Common errors you’ll encounter with Handlebars

Just like any coding language, there are some common issues you might run into. Here’s a list to help you troubleshoot should you encounter issues.

Syntax Errors

  • Forgetting to close your Handlebars expressions
  • Misspellings in your partials or block expressions
  • Incorrect notation for your partials ({{@ partial}}) or if/where/each block expressions

Other Errors

  • If you see ‘null’ being printed in your templates, you aren’t properly null-checking values. Use an {if} expression to determine if the value exists before using it in a template
  • If you’re not successfully getting the attribute of data you want to show, make sure you’re aware of the evaluation context of the expression
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    If you see 'null' being printed, what should you do?

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    If you're getting errors about a partial not being available, what are some things you should check? (Select all that apply)

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