Ability to Pause A Gif

Hi Team!

I have a feature request regarding the HH units. It would be very helpful if we had the ability to pause a gif in a unit. It can be very distracting when you are trying to read & comprehend the content written above it. I bet this ability would tremendously help anyone with attention deficit disorder

Hey @Jeffrey_Kustron! Thanks for bringing this up, I can totally see how having a moving image on the page could draw the eye there a little prematurely. We checked with our engineers, and it seems like there isn’t an easy way to make it so you can pause a GIF, however, we are exploring some other options that could help, like making the GIFs collapsible. Stay tuned!

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Thank you again for your request here. We wanted to let you know we migrated this request to our Ideas portal so you can track statuses and comments from our Product team, and receive upvotes!

You can find it here: Ability to Pause A Gif

Let me know if you have any further questions.