Add the thumbs up thumbs down feedback form outside of Direct Answers

I would love to be able to have the leverage the thumbs up thumbs down feedback form throughout my Answers experience, and not only on Direct Answers? Can I add this to the bottom of the results displayed (instead of just below the Direct Answer)? If not, is this on the roadmap?

Adding on to this! I am also interested in having this on all of my FAQs – is that something we can add?

Hi Emmy and Alyssa,

Great question. Today this isn’t possible, but it is something the team has considered. Looping in @Michael_Peralta. I think there are two asks here so going to separate it into:

1: Thumbs up/down on the entire results page
2: Thumbs up/down on a specific entity card

1: @Emmy_Panken Could you provide a bit more information on your end goal? My assumption is that you’re aiming to get feedback from an end user around how helpful the results are – is that correct? Typically we measure this in clicks (if a user clicked to a page or a CTA, it’s an indication they found what s/he was looking for), and whether a user submitted a question. those actions are likely more meaningful than someone clicking a thumbs up/down. If there’s something that data isn’t providing though, that’s definitely good feedback and would be helpful for us to understand further!

2: @Alyssa_Hubbard similar question – Are you hoping for confirmation on whether an a FAQ was helpful (since sometimes a user could expand an FAQ and it doesn’t contain the info they’re looking for). It seems this would be most useful when there is not a CTA, so FAQs but potentially any card that’s just informational. Could you provide a few example of an FAQ where you’d want it added?


Hey Rose,

Thanks for getting back to me! I think you’re spot on with your assumption would love to just be able to get more data around how useful or not the results returned were on the card level or on the entire vertical level. Clicks/CTR pretty much tell the same story - was the data returned useful or not but the thought here would be that the thumbs up/thumbs down would just act as a layer on top of that and as a more definitive metric about which results someone did or did not find useful (assuming someone would thumbs down/up a result if they did/didn’t find it useful on top of clicking or not clicking the CTA). A client of mine specifically asked for this - happy to add more context if you need.

Hi Rose -

Sorry for the delayed response. Yes the idea would be to affirm if the FAQ gave the user the information they were looking for just like we have for direct answers. Sometimes FAQs dont have CTAs so its particularly useful in those cases.

Example: “Can I use my debit card overseas?” or “What can I link to my ATM or Debit Card?”

Does that answer your question?

Hi team, just wanted to add that I’ve received a similar request from multiple brands.

The ability to add a thumbs up/down feature to FAQs would add a metric that allows brands to understand whether a user received a satisfying answer to a question that they would have turned to a support center for instead. This feature could be a supplemental (more precise) way to measure Answers’ cost-saving impact.

Thanks for this feedback @Max_Wolter. We have notified our Product team of this feature request and will update this post with updates going forward.

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I wanted to follow up on this post as it was a few months ago. I am also looking to expand the built-in feedback on Direct Answer cards (the thumbs up/down) across all searches and results. Is there any way we can expand this functionality at this point? If so, is there also a way to see this feedback to use as a metric for success criteria?

Hi Adrienne,

Thanks for reaching out! We always appreciate hearing about requests like this. This is on our Product teams radar and once we have a more solidified timeline for rolling this out, we’ll let you know.


Hi @Alyssa_Hubbard wondering if there are any news on this development?

Hi All -

You can find the status of this request on our Ideas portal here: Add the thumbs up thumbs down feedback form outside of Direct Answers