Admin Console Resources / Import Functionality

Hi All,

I found the Solution Templates and the Admin Console track really interesting. Is there anywhere I can learn more about the available features? I looked around on but couldn’t find anything beyond the schemas for the different resource types: Entity | Hitchhikers.

In particular, once I’ve downloaded the files from an account and put them in a version control system, is there a way to modify them locally and then apply them? I’d be especially interested in applying the configuration for a production account onto an account in the sandbox environment.

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Hi Ben,

Thanks for asking about this!

We will be releasing a Yext CLI (command line interface) that would allow you to apply your set of local files into an account. Stay tuned for more details.

Besides this, what additional features/functionality are you looking for?


To add to that, you can currently apply configuration files from any public Github repository via Admin Console (just not directly from local files - that is what the CLI will enable). To do this, you will just need to build your own Admin Console URL using the following pattern:

Admin Console” + “?githubRepo=” + full repo url

Example (of the Retail Banking Solution Template):

Similarly, if you are trying to build the URL for an account, it would follow this pattern:
Admin Console” + “?sourceBusinessId=” + accountId

Also you mentioned going between Production & Sandbox. You want to load the admin console in the destination environment so you would want to append “sandbox.” to the beginning of the URL (like in the example). If you are in production, you do not need “sandbox.”.

Once you are in the admin console, you can modify any files just like you learned about in the training and then go through the apply workflow just like you saw in the training.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Liz,

This is perfect, just what I needed for my use case. I’m excited to try out the CLI when it’s released. Thanks for the information!