Allpoint ATM Connector (Feb '22 Release)

Users can now sync their ATM location information into the Knowledge Graph with the Allpoint ATM Connector. This new app allows users to pull in data like address, phone number, cash withdrawal limit, surcharge fee, and more into their accounts with just a few clicks. You can find the Allpoint app in your Yext account’s App Directory now!

To download this app, you will need to know your Allpoint API Credentials (username and password). We recommend submitting a support request to Allpoint if you don’t already have this information.

Note: This app does not automatically pull in your ATM hours, as Allpoint accounts do not standardize the formatting of their hour inputs. To pull in your hours, click “Edit Configuration” after downloading the connector, and manually add selectors to pull in your hours. Read more about editing connector configuration here: Specify Selectors | Hitchhikers

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