Analytics: New PDF Format for Answers Overview Insights (Fall '20 Release)

We’ve revamped our Analytics Dashboard export and email format to support new data visualization updates, including updates made to the Answers Overview screen (Answers product required). Now you can easily export and share your dashboards with others via email in a clean PDF design that matches exactly what you see in the platform UI.

Hi Kristy! This is awesome - does it mean we can set up recurring notifications for people to get a PDF version of the overview screen? Or just go in and 1-time export for now?

Hey Jessie! To clarify, you can’t export the Answers Overview Screen itself. The new PDF feature lets you export a dashboard that has the same visualizations as the overview screen. Previously our old PDF exporter was not able to render those insights. You can set up notifications just as you would for any other dashboard!

Our Product team is working on rolling out a new Answers dashboard with these visualization updates - stay tuned!

Our Product team has just updated the Answers Value dashboard in Analytics to mirror the Answers Overview Screen! Now you’ll be able export and share, as well as set up recurring notifications for, those visualizations you’re used to seeing on the Answers Overview Screen through the dashboard. All accounts that have Answers will automatically have the Answers Value dashboard.