New Reviews Summary Dashboard and Review Insights Deprecation (Summer '22 Release)

Accounts that use Review Monitoring now have access to the Reviews Summary dashboard in Analytics. This dashboard gives users a digestible, high-level snapshot of the company’s reviews-related activities. It is pre-configured to display the following metrics:

  • Review Count
  • Average Rating
  • Response Rate
  • Reviews Map View
  • Rating Distribution
  • Site Distribution
  • Rolling Review Count and Rating
  • Keyword Mentions and Sentiment

The format of the dashboard can be modified to an account’s preferences, and customers can also add their own saved reports created through Report Builder.

On the General Access Date, we will also be deprecating the Insights tab in the Reviews product in favor of the new Reviews Summary dashboard. The new Reviews Summary Dashboard contains all metrics found on the Insights tab, plus several new visualizations that offer a more complete picture of things like sentiment analysis, response rate, and response time. Additionally, this format will make it easier to export and share Reviews data.

To learn more about the Reviews Summary Dashboard and other Reviews reporting, visit the Reviews Insights module.

When client have Professional package, it seems client cannot see this.

Hi Tsuyoshi,

Since there are Ultimate level insights in this dashboard, we’re planning to add a separate Starter/Professional level dashboard soon!

cc @Teddy_Riker