Winter '21 Release Answers Analytics Preview Dashboard

As part of the Winter ’21 Release, we introduced a ton of new Analytics metrics, filters, and dimensions for Answers. Notable additions include:

  • New metrics for thumbs up / thumbs down events and Answers voice searches
  • Dimensions on filter usage, which allow to view which filter options users most commonly select in facets
  • Dimensions for direct answers, which allow you can view what or how often direct answers are returned
  • and many more.

To help you make the most out of these changes, for the first time, we have created a preview dashboard that showcases example insights built using all of the new metrics and dimensions we added in the Winter release. You can install the Dashboard for any of your accounts from the App Directory today!

To install the app, navigate to the App Directory (Apps > Directory) and look for the “Winter ’21 - Answers Analytics Preview” app. Please note that in order to install the app, you must have an Answers subscription on your account!