Analytics: Tag Conversions Now Available in CaC (Fall '20 Release)

You can now set up tag-based conversion actions via the Admin Console or a solution template using Config as Code!

To learn more about the Admin Console, check out the Solution Templates and the Admin Console track.

In general, I am unfamiliar what CAC is - so context would be helpful. Thanks!

Additionally, I’d like to see how to setup tag conversions using code. A demo would be great!

No problem, you can learn more about CAC which stands for “Configuration as Code” in the Config as Code Module. In short, we store the configuration of your account and most features as a set of JSON files, which provides you with some benefits like:

  • the ability to modify your configuration in a code-like interface
  • the ability to copy resources easily within your account
  • the ability to copy resources between or across accounts

You can view your account’s configuration files in the Admin Console by hovering over your name in the top right corner of the platform and clicking on Admin Console. You must have the right permissions to access this (full control role) – if you don’t, please reach out to your account’s administrator for assistance or to request additional access.

Once you are in the Admin Console, you can create a Conversion Action by doing the following:

  1. Click the Add Resource button > Select the Analytics tab > Click conversion action > Enter a file name and click Create. This will create a JSON file with a conversion action template.

    Admin Console (4)

  2. Populate the following required fields in this .json file (example below). For more details on these required fields, refer to this help article. As Liz mentioned, you can simply copy the JSON schema from other conversion actions within this account or from other accounts into this file. If copying from within this account, just make sure to give a unique $id and conversionName.

  "$id": "order-confirm",
  "$schema": "",
  "conversionName": "Demo Button Tag",
  "conversionType": "LEAD",
  "conversionValueType": "SAME",
  "conversionValueAmount": 5.0,
  "conversionTerm": {
  "conversionTrigger": {
    "attributionModel": "LAST CLICK",
    "conversionWindow": 25,
    "countType": "EVERY"
  "enabled": true
  1. To configure this as a tag-based action, ensure that the conversionTrigger{} object contains countType, conversionWindow, and attributionModel.
    (Note: For click-based actions, the fields within this object will be different.)
  "conversionTrigger": {
    "attributionModel": "LAST CLICK",
    "conversionWindow": 25,
    "countType": "EVERY"
  1. Click Apply on the top right to save your changes and create the action.

Note that the steps above create the conversion action, but to fully complete the setup for an action, you’ll still need to follow the tag installation steps provided on the Conversion Tracking Setup page.

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