New Conversion Action Status (June '21 Release)

Enabling Conversion Tracking requires two important steps:

  1. Adding a Conversion Tag on your website
  2. Enabling cookies for each of the products where you’d like to collect clicks.

In the past, some users would complete the first step, adding the Conversion Tag to a website, without completing the second step, enabling cookies. The action status would then change to Live, causing confusion if the full setup process was not complete.

To provide more context about the status of your Conversion Tracking setup and what steps are still required to complete installation, we added a new status called Tag Found - No Click. This status will display whenever a Conversion Tag has been successfully installed and fired on a page, but there are no clicks that have been associated with that Conversion Tag yet.

This allows users to see they’ve completed the Conversion Tag portion of their setup but they still need to enable cookies before that Conversion Tag can begin to capture Conversions.

To learn more about Conversion Tracking visit the Conversion Tracking training module.