Answers Build: Switching Your Jambo Repo to a New Site & Domain


We’ve received a few questions regarding the steps needed to switch to a new Site & Domain while building an Answers experience. The steps are listed below.

Important: You should only switch Sites for a non-live / non-integrated customer.

  1. Copy the Git Repository name from your working Site that you want to transfer to a new Site / Domain. In the example below, the Git Repository name is answers-embed.samsbakery, found on the main Site page:

  1. Create a new Site.

  2. Click “Create Repository” on your new Site. This is where we will link to your existing build. Enter the repository name that you copied in step 1. Click continue.

  1. Add your new Domain to the new Site.

  2. Make a trivial commit.

  3. Publish to Staging and Prod as needed.

We recommend deleting your old Site as soon as you’ve successfully published to the new Domain and transferred over your Jambo build. Deleting the old site will help avoid confusion and Site duplication in the account. You also won’t be able to publish or update your previous Site/Domain anymore, and the Staging URL / Production URL will officially change to align with your new Domain.