Answers - final assessment

hi team,
Looking for help on my final Answers Assessment challenge. I keep on having these isssues despite checking 100000 times and HH comminuty - can you please advise?

-Update the locale configuration with your experienceKey and locale
-Add Jobs vertical page to the Jobs experience
-Add FAQs vertical page to the Jobs experience

  • Add custom job card to the Jobs experience

Thanks in advance!!
Best ,

Hey Victoria - thanks for your patience! We’re looking into this, in the meantime I extended the expiration date on your challenge account so you won’t lose progress. We’ll keep you posted here.

Hi Victoria,

The reason all these rules are failing is because the repo is not named correctly, so the challenge cannot find your repo to grade.

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 1.16.38 PM

It looks like the domain was named correctly (step 21), but not the repo - the bottommost orange box in this screenshot (step 9). When naming the domain or repo, make sure it matches the account ID in the URL.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to rename the repo once you’ve named it. To address this, you can create a new Pages site for the careers experience and redo steps 8-20. For the purposes of the challenge, it’s okay that this site will contain the Pages Final Challenge template. I looked through your current site and it looks correct to me except for one thing:

  • Make sure to change the card type for the jobs vertical to jobsoverride (which I saw you did previously and reverted)

Feel free to reach out if you run into any issues!

hi Kristy,
Thanks for your feedback! I’ve tried to create a new Job page and a new repository but I face this error message…

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Victoria,

I’m not sure why this error occurred, but I was able to create the repo in your account!


hi Kristy,
Thank you so much it worked!!! I finally completed all challenges. Thanks again for your help!!