Cannot complete Search Final Challenge

Hi there,

I finished all the steps, but I keep on getting the same 2 errors. I cannot get the " Add Jobs vertical page to the Jobs experience" and “Add custom job card to the Jobs experience” steps right. I tried over and over again but I don’t see the error. Could you please advice me? I feel like it must be a small detail that I am missing.

Hi Celine,

When I navigate to your challenge account for the Search Final Challenge, I am not seeing a Turtlehead Tacos Jobs Search site. Have you added one yet?

Are you seeing it somewhere else? If so, could you send a screenshot?
I extended the expiration on your challenge account while we look through this.


Hi Alyssa,

Thank you for your email. My challenge expired, so I had to do all steps again. I have added a Turtlehead Tacos Jobs Search site and walked through all steps over and over again. Can you see what I am doing wrong?

Best regards,

Celine Roseler

Hi Celine,

It looks like the reason it’s erroring is because you’re missing the .com on your repo name (See Step 9 for adding the repo name). We’re currently working to clone the work you did with the correct repo name so that you can submit. We’ll circle back with an update by EOD.


Hi Alyssa,

Thank you for the tip! Were you able to clone the work with the repo name? Can I try to submit it again?


Hi Celine,

Yes! Go ahead and resubmit and you should be all set here.

Thanks for your patience!


Hi Alyssa,

Unfortunately there are still some errors, now there are even more errors than before:

-Update the locale configuration with your experienceKey and locale
-Add Jobs vertical page to the Jobs experience
-Add custom job card to the Jobs experience
-Add 3 universal prompts to query suggestions for the Jobs experience

This is my Account ID: 3195829