Answers - Final Challenge - add repository


I am stuck at my final answers challenge and was hoping you could please help me! Looks like I did something wrong at step 9 when creating my repository, so I can’t publish anything because the Deploys screen doesn’t exist…

I am very sure I created the repository with my sandbox account ID but where is it now? All it says on the bottom is “Could not find a config.json file for this site.”. I also don’t know how to add the Domain, I can’t find this step in the module assessment steps?

I am really confused about this, could you please give me a hint here?

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Julia,

You didn’t do anything wrong! Since we have you build the search experience inside a site that houses the Jobs Landing Pages, the search uses the old (pre-Summer '22 Release) Pages architecture. You can click “View Code Editor” on the right side of the page just like you did before. In my screenshot, you can see the repository ID you created.

You won’t have to add the domain in this challenge, but if you wanted to, you would click the “Select Domain” dropdown in the top left.

I understand this challenge is a bit confusing in how we structure the sites so we’ll look into how we can make it clearer. Let us know if you have any other questions or feedback!

Hi Kristy,

Thank you for the reply and the info! It somehow worked submitting my challenge now!

I think I will need some more time to understand everything but this seems to be all good now - phew! :slight_smile:

Many thanks!