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Hey all! Running into a problem with the challenge. After I publish & open the answers site in Staging, I can’t seem to get actual results to appear / my queries to register. The “query=” URL parameter populates, but the page itself doesn’t change, results don’t return, and they don’t get registered for analytics.

any ideas what might be going on here?

Hi @Jack_Perales,

afraid you need to provide a bit more detail so we can try and help.
Is this right after step 1 (“Publish the site”) or after applying any changes?
Have the been any issues or warnings flagged up during the build process?


Hi @Jack_Perales and thank you for chiming in here as well @Stefan_Heidbrink!

I was able to locate your challenge account and pull up your staging URL. I ran the same query and saw results returning:

Could you try again and see if results are returning as expected? We also have a short unit on debugging the frontend which you may find helpful. It’s always a best practice to inspect the page and open up your browser’s console to see if there are potentially any error firing (like JS errors, for example) that are breaking the experience.


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Thank you @sam and @Stefan_Heidbrink for looking into this!

I restarted the module and it’s working just fine now. Not sure if there was anything going on or I just needed to wait, but appreciate the help!