Search Module 20 challenge lacks functionality required to complete the challenge

Hi all,
I’m working through search module 20, and when I get to step 4 (search terms) there’s no ability to view / update status, either individually or in bulk. There’s no option for status either in the more actions dropdown or in the columns dropdown.

Also, when I access my staging URL, there’s no prompt for a username or password, and there’s no All option for configuration label - it’s either PRODUCTION or STAGING. I’m thinking maybe I took a wrong path to get here, but I have no idea what’s going wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


So, it turns out that you can bypass several sections of the challenge requirements and still “pass.” I was able to skip that entire section, move to the next, and get credit for the module. It still needs to get fixed, but I’ve moved on.

Hi William,

Apologies for the confusion. There has been some product changes that were not reflected in the challenge. I’ve gone ahead and updated the challenge. Thanks for calling it out to us!