Answers: Search Configuration UI (Fall '20 Release)

Product: Answers

To create an Answers experience today, users have to configure the entire experience using code. While this makes it easy to clone accounts and apply solution templates, users face more difficulty in making direct edits to how their Answers experience should both look and function.

With this release, customers can now build their Answers UI using a simple point-and-click interface that allows them to both create a new experience from scratch and maintain full control over the configuration of their site search. Overall, this UI enhancement will significantly improve the user experience of setting up and maintaining Answers, while also allowing our customers to better discover previously unimplemented features and understand what is fully possible within our platform.

A point-and-click interface allows users to both create a new Answers experience from scratch.

For more information, please visit our Search Configuration module.

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I am so excited about this feature! It’s going to be a game changer for creating and editing the backend config and I already know it’s going to help save so much time!