Updated Answers Integration Instructions

Hello Hitchhiker Community!

As we mentioned in Office Hours this morning, the Answers Product team has created a new technical resource for all-things-integration. This resource is for our developer audience and will allow the developer to get the latest details around integrating – search bar best practices, styling guidance, code snippets, results page integration options, and much more.

You can find the resource here: Introduction | Hitchhikers.

The document complements our Getting Live Module and is linked out directly from the Hitchhiker training for continued learning.

The new resource has many updates including:

  • Alignment to the Hitchhiker training with Client-Hosted JS Snippet and Yext-Hosted Subdomain Options
  • Code examples (with live preview!) for various search bar styling approaches
  • Instructions for the typed animation search bar text
  • Additional instructions for setting up Conversion Tracking

The developer documentation is a V2 of the “Answers - Integration Instructions (Client Facing)” Google Doc (here), so you can now begin directing developers to the new document. Please make sure that when you send these instructions to the client that you also include their account-specific credentials:

  • experienceKey - Experience Key
  • businessId - Business ID
  • apiKey - Live API Key
  • locale - Locale of the experience
  • redirectUrl - This is the URL of the search results page
  • JS version - The most recent version of our Answers Javascript library (found here)
  • production_url - If Client-Hosted JS Snippet option, the production URL of the Answers page

Please reach out with any questions or feedback!