App Integrations

Hi there,

Curious as to how I can start integrating one of the apps our company already uses that’s in the Yext App Directory? A good example would be Hootsuite and Google My Business Data Sync to get the ball rolling.
Thanks as always!!

First, you want to navigate to the App Directory by clicking Apps in the top navigation bar of your account.

Here you will see a list of all of the apps that Yext has in the App Directory. When you find the app you want to connect Yext with, you just click on the tile, and the details page for each app has an Installation Instructions section that will walk you through the specific steps for each app.

The steps will vary from app to app, as you have to log into the different applications and take steps to connect each one with Yext, authorize access, map data, etc. So definitely let us know if you have more detailed questions on a specific installation!

You can see in the Google My Business Data Sync example below that the first step is to click Install, and this will bring you to the flow to authorize access between GMB Data Sync and the Yext account.

Users who don’t have access to a Yext account can also visit to view the list of apps we can integrate with and the corresponding instructions.

Once you go through the installation process, you can then click Your Apps to view the status of your installed apps.

You can also always reference the App Directory training module for more details on the Yext App Directory, as well as some example use cases!

As always, let us know if you have any other (or more specific questions) on this!