Connection with existing Yext account to read location data

Hi everybody
We developed a SaS web solution and we already have an App in the Yext App Directory and the related API key.
We already allow Yext users to install the App so we receive their data, create them an account (reading data from Yext) and then we keep Yext data updated with what they do on our web platform.
Technically we do this by receiving an “authorization code” from Yext that combined with the API Key allows us to obtain an access token and perform these tasks.
Now, we’d like to work with users already existing on our side that also are already using Yext.
We want to allow them to insert something like the Yext “Store ID” and the Yext “Customer user ID” and from there start reading and writing locations information from and to their Yext account.
I looked in the various APIs documentations and the link you shared with us but didn’t find a way to do it.
Some one can help with this?
Many thanks

HI Alessandra!

To clarify, your current app creates a new account on your platform, which works great for customers of Yext that are not customers on your platform yet.

However, you want existing mutual customers to be able to leverage the app’s functionality as well.

Is there a reason you wouldn’t add a step in the OAuth handshake to authorize against the customer’s existing account in your platform to the Yext App Directory app’s installation flow?

Let me know if that works, or if I am misunderstanding the request

Thanks for the details. This requires the Live API for the GeoSearch endpoint. Based on that and the information you supplied it seems that we’re required to use OAuth and the Yext customer has to have a Live API license. Is this correct?


Hi Hannah and thanks for your answer.
Yes what you said is right: we want existing mutual customers to be able to leverage the app’s functionality as well.

The OAuth handshake sounds good, could you point me to the related docs and/or related examples?

Many thanks!