Google My Business Data Sync App (December '20 Release)

Many brands have a Google My Business account already populated with many of their locations. Instead of manually uploading data to the Knowledge Graph, Yext’s new Google My Business Data Sync app will do the work for you and ingest your data from Google My Business.

The GMB Data Sync App provides brands with the ability to install and OAuth temporarily with GMB. With this temporary access token, Yext can quickly and easily pull location data from GMB to create location entities in the Knowledge Graph.

In order to install this app, you will need a Yext account and a Google My Business account. Install the Google My Business Data Sync app today to start building out your Knowledge Graph so you can answer your customers’ questions!

Installation Instructions:
To install, you can select “GMB Data Sync” on the “Add Data Flow” screen in Knowledge Graph, or find the app directly in the Apps tab in your Yext account. You’ll be prompted to OAuth into your Google My Business account and tell us which Location Group you want to sync into Yext.

To learn more about the App Directory, visit the App Directory training module.


To confirm, if I have a new GMB added to my client base but don’t want them linked to GMB, I can still use this GMB Data sync to pull in their data into the KG?

Hey there,

A quick question about that App I am about to use with a client : if the client need to sync location information from more than 1 GMB account, what is the exact procedure ?
Do we have to proceed for the 1st account, waiting for the information to be pulled and then uninstall/reinstall the App for the other(s) account(s) ?
Or all the necessary accounts can be synced in one shot ?

I just want to anticipate the procedure and know where I am going before completing the procedure with the client.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Hi Nicolas -

To sync location data from multiple GMB accounts you would need to go account by account, installing the app, grabbing the locations, then uninstalling and reinstalling the app, the next time selecting a different linked account and repeating the process.

Alternatively, within Google you could provide 1 account access to all the locations in the other accounts and only go through the sync process once. However, this would require permission changes within your Google account first.

Hopefully that makes sense!


Hi Julian,

It does make sense!
The 2nd option is interesting to try: we won’t have time with this client but I will keep it in mind for a next one.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Do we have a list of the exact fields that will pull from GMB into the Knowledge Graph using this app?

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