Apple Maps Updating Times

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How long does it take for Apple Maps to display my new hours? What is the general turnaround for Apple Maps the publisher?

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Great question! Thanks for reaching out. Apple is a submission publisher. This means that we send the information out to the publisher on a regular schedule, but are not given a direct link back to the listing due to the publisher’s integration type. To review Dual Sync vs submission publishers, visit: Listings Integrations | Hitchhikers

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So when you say “brands can MANAGE their location data on Apple Maps”, you don’t really mean it? Add Your Business to Apple | Yext

Hi @Jared_Goss,

Thanks for your question! Apple currently operates as a submission-based publisher for all of its partners. This means that updates can take up to 4-7 days to appear on Apple Maps. If there’s ever a data discrepancy between Yext and Apple beyond this expected update time, we can escalate it directly to the publisher on the client’s behalf!

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Well after reviewing my clients accounts manually, I can say none of them have been updated. When I see the word ‘Manage’ in your description of how you handle these submission based listings, I expect that is what I am doing. Just like logging into the Apple Maps Business account to manage my listing, which is what I had to do to get these listings updated, I expect to not have to worry if it actually happened or not.

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Hi @Jared_Goss ,

Appreciate your thorough checks here! Apple Maps sources data from a number of other sources, including user suggestions, web scraping, and other data providers. This can sometimes cause listing information to be inconsistent with what is submitted through Yext. However, as a premier partner of Apple, Yext can submit issues directly to Apple for review. If there are specific examples of incorrect data on listings, you can use this form to submit them and our support team will escalate them to Apple on a client’s behalf!

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