Improved Listings Status Detail Messages (Summer '22 Release)

On occasion, a listing is not properly synced because of a data issue, missing information, or publisher-side technical issues. Yext has previously provided status detail messages so that account managers can understand the reason and take the necessary steps to fix an unsynced listing.

With Improved Listings Status Detail Messages, we will provide a greater level of detail regarding the reason, impact, and steps to resolve when a listing is not synced. This additional information will remove any ambiguity and help users resolve issues faster.

With faster resolutions on sync errors, businesses can get back to displaying the most important facts about their brand on every publisher that customers may be searching.

Note: This feature will become available in the General Availability release, which is currently planned for September 8th, and will not be available for Early Access.

To learn more about Listing Statuses and how to take action on not synced Listings, visit our training unit.

Could you confirm whether this is applicable to submission publishers?
Thank you!

Hi Gaspard,

This is not available for submission publishers as they don’t provide us feedback on listing data. This unit provides information about the capabilities of submission publishers if you want to learn more.