URGENT Trouble Sync info Knowledge Graph <--> Certain Publishers

Good afternoon,

We have detected that, for certain publishers, the info. available in the knowledge Graph of account nº 3379065 is not being synchronized. The info in that that location is closed.

That is a big problem for us because we are in a rush of unsubscribing a number of Location entities from Listing service since the locals closed more than a month ago, but we can´t do so because the info. available on these Publisher´s listings will remain wrong.

The publishers where we have detected that this occurs are:
Instagram (places)
Hotfrog (in some entities)

Why the synchronization seems not to be functioning correctly for these publishers and how can we deal with it quickly so we could move on to unsubscribing the entities we need from Listings?

A quick response is appreciated.

Kind regards.

Hi Mihaela,

If there are specific listings who are not syncing the closed flag correctly, please use this form to reach out to the support team: https://help.yext.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?&referrerPageUrl=https://help.yext.com/hc/en-us

To speed up resolution of this issue, be sure to include specific examples of listings which are not publishing the current data in the Knowledge Graph.

Note that once this issue is resolved and the subscriptions are cancelled, Yext cannot guarantee that the state of the listing will persist. Depending on the Publisher, they may delete the listing entirely, revert Yext updates, or overwrite the listing information using other data sources.

Let me know if you have any further questions.,

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