Answers Theme 1.22 (June '21 Release)

With the Answers Hitchhikers Theme v1.22 and Answers Search UI v1.9, we’ve added several features to simplify tasks for administrators, improve page speed, and provide additional built-in cards for popular use cases.

You can find the full list of features and bug fixes below. Before you upgrade, please check out each post and follow these important steps first.

:eyes: Looking to upgrade to this version? Here are some things to look out for:

If you forked any of these, you will need to refork:

  • layouts/html.hbs
  • script/core.hbs
  • entry.js
  • static/js/hours/transformer.js
  • If you are using document search with a rich text field, and you have forked the documentsearch-standard direct answer card, you will need to refork in order to show rich text featured snippets on the frontend.
  • Optionally – If you’ve forked any component templates or script partials for the nav or search bar (such as templates/TEMPLATE_NAME/markup/navigation.hbs ortemplates/TEMPLATE_NAME/script/navigation.hbs), you should refork them to get this update. If you do not refork, the page will still work but you simply won’t have the page speed updates.