Can't submit Search Final Challenge

Hi, when I try to submit the final challenge I keep getting the following 4 items marked as not done, even though I went through them many times and it all looks perfectly fine to me:

  • Update the locale configuration with your experienceKey and locale
  • Add Jobs vertical page to the Jobs experience
  • Add FAQs vertical page to the Jobs experience
  • Add custom job card to the Jobs experience

My sandbox ID is 3194771

Hi @Andrea_Gentile - thank you for letting us know, we are looking into this now and will keep you posted here!

Thanks @Katja_Ritchie for looking into it. Not sure if you’ve done anything yet but this morning I simply tried resubmitting the challenge (without making any changes) and it went through so I’m thinking maybe an issue with cache? Anyway, this issue is now solved.

Hi @Andrea_Gentile - yes, this was an issue with the backend of the challenge itself and a couple other users ran into similar issues. It has since been resolved so you should be able to submit without a problem!

Thanks for letting us know and please reach out if you have any other questions.