Configuring No Results for Universal Search

Hi Team!

I have a client who is interested in returning all results or a specific search when a user searches a query that returns no results. They believe this will improve bounce rate and want to drive users to the structured data that they have in the Knowledge Graph.

I saw in this Hitchhiker module that this action is possible for vertical search, but not currently available for universal search. Is this still the case?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Daniel,

That’s correct - this is still only available for vertical search. We’ll raise this feedback to our Product team and get back to you with any updates. Thanks!

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your request here. I wanted to let you know about our new Ideas board. Ideas is a new feedback platform within Hitchhikers where users can submit product ideas or feature requests. I’d recommend moving your idea so you can track statuses and comments from our Product team, and receive upvotes!

Lastly, please note that given the new Ideas forum to share requests, we will be deprecating this category of the Community by end of the month. Let me know if you have any further questions.


Hi ,
Is this feature available for Universal Search. We need a option to alter the text of no results in Universal search how it is working in Vertical Search

noResults: {
              template: '<div><em>No results found!</em></div>',
              displayAllResults: false,

Hi Christopher,

Just to clarify, are you hoping to modify this text that is shown here?

Or are you hoping to always return all verticals in Universal Search (regardless of whether any results in those verticals returned), and show a noResults div for each vertical?