Guidance on LiveAPI integration for Yext customers who want to enable multi-turn conversational apps


We have a SaaS platform that allows organizations to easily create conversational applications (alexa, google assistant, etc). We’re in the process of updating a connector in the app directory that uses the LiveAPI’s GeoSearch endpoint to support conversational responses to questions related to hours, locations and more.

Are Yext customers required to have LiveAPI services enabled in their account when using a 3rd party connector such as this?

Are Yext customers required to use oAuth to authenticate or can they use a generated Yext API key?

There’s a similar question/post on this topic in the community here: Connection with existing Yext account to read location data.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Nick - It depends on your use case. You mention Connectors in your post - If you are building a Connector app that configures auth through the Connector resource , then you do not need to use OAuth to authenticate. However, in this situation you would not be making any calls to Live API.

If you need to make calls to Live API, your app must be distributed with OAuth authentication. In this situation, Yext customers will be required to have Live API when installing your app. Any Live API calls made by your app on the customer’s account’s behalf will count towards the customer’s Live API capacity that they have purchased.

Hope this helps! Let me know if there are any follow-up questions.