Connectors: Add Data Modal (Winter '21 Release)

In this release, we have improved the experience for the process of adding data into the platform. Now, when a user clicks “Add Data,” a modal with options is presented, which keeps users on the Entity Search page and lets them choose their next action from there. Below is a list of specific improvements to the “Add Data” modal:

  1. Reduced the number of clicks for adding a single entity.
  2. Users can see enabled entity types in the modal and can click one to immediately enter the “Add Single Entity” flow for that entity type, without leaving the Entity Search screen.
  3. Can click to “Build a Connector” or click to “Install an App.”
  4. Clicking “Install an App” will bring users to a filtered view of the App Directory, which is filtered just to apps that contain a Connector.
  5. The “Upload a File” option is contained in the modal as well.

These enhancements make it easier than ever for users to add data into the Yext platform.

Is the following use case is now possible with Connectors framework.

Instead of using Yext Knowledge APIs to send content into a Knowledge graph. The connectors can be used to pull in data from a Partners existing API.

Hi Laura,

We’d need more information about the existing API. But you do have the ability to set up a connector that could hit an API to fetch data instead of needing to proactively hit the Knowledge API to send data.

This was made possible with the launch of Push and Pull Connectors in a previous release. I recommend checking out the Create a Pull Connector guide for more details on how to create a pull connector to pulling data via API.

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