Consent management with Cookiebot

Good afternoon,

We would like to ask you a question since we are having problems with the implementation of cookies with Cookiebot (one of the solutions of external consent providers that you recommend in the following section of Yext Help: How to Respect Data Privacy with Conversion Tracking – Yext Help).

We have implemented the solution offered by Cookiebot in the newly created Pages with Yext.

The issue is that the tool (Cookiebot) cannot scan the cookies present in the pages. We have used Cookiebot in more projects with other clients and we have never had problems at this point. We suspect that the tool is not able to analyze cookies because the root domain of the project is empty.

Therefore, the question is:

Would it be feasible to publish a page in the root of the domain (that is, publish the content of a specific page in the root domain) so that it is not empty and try to solve the issue this way?

We look forward to your feedback.


Nice question Mihaela, I also have the same issue.

Community support is appreciated, thank you very much!

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Hi Miihaela,

Great question on what’s feasible here. When taking a further look for this account, it looks like Conversion Tracking is not yet setup:

Would you be able to turn this on and then we can assess whether or not you can find the cookie and go from there. Let me know if you have any questions.



Hi ahubbard,

Thank you very much for your reply. That option you are pointing out is for the tracking that Yext does of the conversions, so, it is an internal Yext tracking (and it is true, it is disabled).

Since we will be tracking the conversions with external tools (like GTM), we will maintain this option disabled for now.

Getting back to my initial question, we managed to figure it out with Cookiebot team, since they finally crawled not the root domain (empty page), but directly one of the content pages and this way, they managed to scan all the cookies.

Kind regards.

Hi @Mihaela_Andreeva_Yak & @Lolo_Riazzo

I am glad you were able to work it out. Let us know if you need any other support or have any other questions.


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