Contentful Integration

Customers can now use the new Contentful native source to create their own custom data connectors and pull in all content from Contentful into the Knowledge Graph. Read this short step-by-step guide to learn how to integrate Yext with Contentful!

Integrating with Contentful

Contentful allows you to create your own custom content model from scratch and define your own content types. The Contentful source allows you to create your own connector to our custom needs without doing any of the hard work!


This guide assumes you have a basic knowledge of Contentful, and have previously:

  1. Set up a content model in Contentful.
  2. Created an app and generated an API Key in Contentful.
  3. Have a live Yext account and a general understanding of the platform.

Read through the Data Connectors Overview Hitchhikers Module to learn how the framework works.

Step #1: Set up your Contentful data connector

  1. First, you should navigate to the Connectors page in the Knowledge Graph and select Add New Connector. Then, select the Contentful source.

  2. Next, designate the operation you would like to perform, Fetch Contents. You will need to provide your Contentful Space ID, Environment ID, and API Key to authenticate this data connector.

Make sure that your content type name is exactly the same as in Contentful!

Step #2: Specify selectors based on your content type

Then, you will perform any necessary steps to put the data into a generic table format. This includes selecting any data you want to extract from the API response and creating any necessary transforms. These will be the fields on your entity type.

You can choose to Add Default Selectors and we will pull in all identified selectors. However, you also have the option to make any adjustments to those as needed.

Step #3: Finish mapping your data to fields

Once you select the desired entity type, you will be on the Map Fields Screen. This is where you map those selectors, and any data added via transforms, to fields that are being pulled into the Knowledge Graph. To learn more about mapping fields, read the Load - Map & Run module.

Don’t forget that you can schedule your Contentful data connector to run daily to sync any new content you may be adding in Contentful!

Refer to the Connector Best Practices Hitchhiker Module for more tips.