Conversion Tracking: Click on Rich Text Hyperlink

Hi Community!

I’m working on setting up Conversion Tracking in an account and was wondering if it’s possible to capture clicks on rich text fields embedded within an FAQ. For example, in the screenshot below ‘business credit card application’ is hyperlinked. Is there a click type that captures user engagement with these rich text hyperlinks?


I tried checking the Network tab and do not see a response generated when I click into the hyperlink. I’ve also played around in the Conversion Tracking dashboard and can’t seem to find a click type that captures this engagement.

Thank you,

Hi Austin,

Yes, we fire a click event as long as you apply the rich text formatter: Adding Rich Text | Hitchhikers

The event we fire depends on which type of link it is – EMAIL, TAP_TO_CALL, VIEW_WEBSITE. It differs from the other click events in that we pass a fieldName as well.

Let us know if that helps!