Create Suggestions via API (Spring '22 Release)

In this release we’re giving developers more tools to handle data management flows with the ability to Create Suggestions via API. Now users can programmatically create suggestions, making it easier to manage data wherever it is centrally controlled. This provides added flexibility for users working with multiple sources of data and necessary layers of control for teams focused on data compliance.

When Suggestions are made via API they will appear in the Suggestions page of the platform with the Source as the name of the app used to create the suggestion.

Visit our Suggestions API Documentation for additional details.

Thanks Caroline, great feature! What is “entity.uid” in the API suggestion? Is it required and what value should be provided there? Same with language, is it required in the payload or optional? Suggestions | Hitchhikers


Hey Matt - you should be able to expand the request parameters in the API documentation, where you’ll be able to see a description for each parameter! I’ve attached a screenshot of the expanded view here, and we’d definitely like to improve the documentation to ensure this functionality is more discoverable.

The UID of the entity is the immutable ID for the entity, formerly known as Yext ID. We are making an effort to make this ID more widely visible and accepted in various interfaces, in case users wish to leverage an immutable ID for their entities.

We need some identifier for the entity, so one of either ID or UID must be provided. Language is optional - if it’s not provided, we will default to the primary profile of the entity.

Yep, I saw that you could expand! I think clarifying what the “uid” is - I hadn’t seen that name anywhere. Also that you only need to provide one or the other (id vs uid)

Great, @Jesse_Shatsky is going to work on getting those updates into the Docs.