Direct Answer with FAQs

Is it possible and any suggestions on how to configure a direct answer for FAQs? I’m thinking in the sense of addressing very common questions like “what is the bank’s routing number?” or “is return shipping free?” it would be great to show a direct answer vs. typical FAQ that needs to be expanded.

Hi Tim-

Just a thought here, but you might be able to use a card override in the Direct Answers component per the SDK here? Curious about this too so following this thread!


With the way Direct Answers works today, you can only see a direct answer if there’s one and only one entity returned and the query contains a string that matches to a field that’s indexed in the searchableFields object for Direct Answers. This is pretty uncommon for FAQs because typically we apply textSearch which means that we may get a number of FAQs returned for a given query. It’s on the roadmap to allow for Direct Answers to be returned when several entities are returned in the query.

Long story short, this is not supported well today, but should be in the future.

Another note - the action of expanding an FAQ is actually extremely powerful for a brand’s insights and analytics. You know exactly what answers were valuable to a customer. I wouldn’t undervalue this!!

Now that we have the new Prediction Modes for Field Value Direct Answers per the May '21 release, is there a better way to support using direct answers on FAQs?

In testing this out, I had found that the results seemed to require having the word “Answer” in the search to produce the direct answer. E.g., “What is your routing number?” would not product a direct answer but “What is your routing number? answer” would. Is there a workaround for this?

Hi Ariana - I think setting up Document Search on the Answer field for FAQs works to address this!


Wondering if there is any update on this? I also wanted to create a Direct Answer for routing number, and I created a custom field for Routing Number with single line text, to apply just to the Routing Number FAQ. However when I make the custom field applicable for Direct Answer it still doesn’t surface. I thought this would behave how phone number or address might - so wondering what the issue with this would be?

Following up on the above if anyone has insights to share! Thanks!

Hey Sonia,

We use semantic text search for FAQs to surface the most relevant FAQ entity for a given question. It is therefore expected you would not a get a direct answer for a query around a routing number. As a best practice, I would recommend Juan’s approach of using document search on the FAQ answer field. Let me know if this solves it for you! If not, feel free to provide the account ID or a more detailed example and I can take a look.