Directory Manager not created

I am working on a client account migrating from Classic Page to React Page.

On CLI I connected to the account (yext init), created a new page (yext pages new) using Locations Starter Basic, when I try to run it gives an error ce_root is missing from the account.
Also if I try to add the Directory Manager, on the UI it throws an Error because it can’t load all the resources (more than 3k). And if I pull resources with CLI and try to add the folder and json us-directory, when I try to apply the resources, it finishes but on the account nothing seems to change (Admin Console doesn’t reflect the created DM). Any idea what could be wrong?

Hi @Alejandro_Arce ,

Separating your question into separate issues:

  1. ce_root
    To fix this, you need to ensure the appropriate entity type exists in your account before running the Directory Manager. In this case, there is no entity type with the ID ce_root in your account. You can create that either manually in the UI or by importing this CaC file.
  2. Pulling / Applying resources
    Are you seeing any errors/warnings in the console log? And are you sure you are applying the resources to the correct account?


  1. Will try this approach thanks
  2. There are errors in the console as shown on screenshot 2. Two errors related to fields and one related to the site.
    Error: Invalid fields: [special.categoryIds]
    at /default/km/entity-template/purpleComingSoonStores.json
    Error: Invalid fields: [special.categoryIds]
    at /default/km/entity-template/purpleStores.json
    Error: Could not create site. Site name is invalid:
    at /default/pages/site-config/turbojet-registrar-upstairs-0a5a9.json
    Then it continues updating and applying until it finishes.

And yes, I am on the correct account


Hi Ale,

In response specifically to the error you’re seeing on the invalid fields [special.categoryIds] within the Template apply, that is unfortunately due to our code disallowing a template apply via CaC that both maps to multiple entity types AND attempts to include the categories field.

We have added an item to make this behavior consistent with the platform, which does allow for it.

Until we prioritize that change, I recommend simply removing that resource from the apply, since it doesn’t seem directly relevant to any changes you’re attempting to make. Deleting resources via CLI/Admin Console is not supported, meaning that removing the resource from you apply should cause NO changes (e.g. you can safely remove the resource from Github and you should be able to successfully apply all other updates).

Hope this helps!


Thanks @Rachel_Adler! I removed the resources that were failing and it worked.