Dynamic Watermark Date

Analytics dashboards and reports are now much smarter in how they handle data lag (“Watermark Date”) between products! The Watermark Date indicates the latest date with accurate and complete data from all data sources. While this is useful for Listings (where some endpoints are slower at reporting their data), it doesn’t affect products such as Answers where Yext is responsible for collecting the data in real-time. Previously, all Analytics dashboards and reports were limited by the data delays for Listings.

With this new feature, dashboards (or reports) will now be responsive to the products you selected - dynamic filters (such as Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, etc.) will automatically adjust their time windows based on the product(s) that are being displayed - making it easy to always see the most complete picture of data possible:

  • Reporting on single products shows the most up-to-date data for that product. For Answers-only reporting, this is typically through yesterday.
  • Reporting on multiple products goes through the latest date data is available for all products to ensure reporting on the same time period.

When picking metrics in Report Builder, a dynamic message will appear with the date data is available through. Dashboards will also display dates data is available through for each data source.