Entity Upload: How to set country/region as a default on custom entities

Hi team,

I’m running into an issue when uploading a data file that contains data for net-new non-location entities (FAQs and a Custom Entity Type). When doing this upload, I’ve run into an issue where the upload throws an error because there is no country/region set in the data I’m uploading; however, this isn’t a field that I can add to the Custom Entity or set as a default on the Entity Template I’m using. What is the best way to set this as a default for new entities (outside of the Upload Configuration)?

Here’s an example upload where I set it on the configuration: https://www.yext.com/s/654952/account/uploads/188430/details

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Hi Sunil, Thanks for raising this question to us! As discussed offline, It doesn’t automatically assign a country unfortunately.

Today: You have two options:

  • Add country as a new column in the upload (like you did) or
  • Add country in the Additional Actions

The second option is way faster, but only will work if all the entities will have the same country.


Thanks! Will plan to do that in the future.

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