Error message displayed Given Folder name exceeds max length of 60

When reaching the point #8 of the final assessment for Knowledge Graph, I got the following error message and I do not know how to override it: after following the steps indicating in the section #8 I am unable to complete the assessment because of this. Clicking on “Reorganise Folders” led to this error

Any idea how I can resolve this please?


Kind Regards,

Hi Djibrill, and welcome to the Community!

Thanks for raising this. This is a known issue that we escalated to our engineering team. I followed up with them to see if there is an update, and I will post again here when this is resolved so you can complete the challenge!

Also, I have extended the expiration date from your challenge account, so you won’t lose any of your progress.

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Thank you very much Caroline!

Hi Djibrill,

Following up to let you know that this has been resolved! If you want to go ahead and complete this step again it should work and you should be able to complete the challenge.

Let me know if this works, or if you run into anything else!

Hi Caroline,

This is solved. Thank you very much for your help!

Kind Regards,