Knowledge Graph Final Challenge

Hey guys,

I’m just working on the Knowledge Graph final challenge and I made a mistake whilst added the custom field: Job Department. I deleted the field and added again but now the API name automatically adds a ‘1’ to the end. When I remove the ‘1’ and try to the API name as required c_jobDepartment I get an error message:

I know from the training that the API names are fixed and can’t be edited :frowning:

Can this somehow be reset? :confused:

Or do I have to wait for the challenge to expire so I can try again?

Thanks for your help!


Hi @Ashley_Snell! As you mentioned, I think your best bet is to restart the challenge. You can do so directly from the module assessment:

Reach out with any other questions!

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I keep getting the same error. I restarted the challenge and have the same error yet again. No idea what I’m missing…

Hi Frank, and welcome to the Community!

You actually did everything correctly — great job! The one issue is that you have an extra space after the words Job Department in the name of your Custom Field.

Our grading system is looking for an exact match, so that extra space is what was causing your issue.

I went ahead and deleted the space for you, so you should be good to submit this challenge now. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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That’s the kind of stuff that will drive you crazy for days! Thank you for your help!

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Can you Help me with this!

I think I did everything correctly, yet I’m having this answer.

Knowledge Graph -Final Challenge