Extend Playground Account Time?

Hi, is there any way to extend the time left to use my current playground account? It currently expires in 10 days, but there is quite a bit more I would like to do with it as I learn more throughout the learn tracks.

Hey Steven,

I extended your playground account, with Business ID: 2698380, until the end of the month. The change in days until expiration should be reflected in your account. Let me know if you were looking to extend it for a longer period of time.

Hi Micaela,

Yes, I would like the account’s time to be extended for longer. A few more months at least should be sufficient if possible.

Many thanks,

Hi @Steven_Nunes -

I extended the expiration of that same playground account to 07/30/2022 and it should be reflected in your account.

Excellent! Thank you again.

Hi. I have another sandbox account I would like to extend for a few more months.


Help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Not a problem! I extended the expiration for this account for three months, so it expires on 1/31/23.

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Hi @Kristy_Huang ! Could you extend the expiration date for this sandbox environment as well? Yext Login

Also, is there another better way I should be requesting these extensions rather than bumping this topic?

Hi Steven,

I extended your account for you!