External Pages Development (Summer '22 Release)

With the Summer '22 Release, we have revamped our Pages architecture and opened our web development platform to any developer around the world! Now any developer can use the Yext Pages development framework to build SEO optimized pages.

Developers building on Pages can:

  • Develop locally and deploy code to the Yext platform using our native CI/CD system
  • Connect their GitHub account to a Yext site — Yext will listen for code changes to the repository, building and deploying the result to a global CDN automatically
  • Take advantage of modern development tools for building pages, such as React, Vite, Webpack, TailwindCSS, and more.

Note: You must be on the new Pages architecture to take advantage of External Pages Development.

To learn more about how to develop custom Pages using the Yext platform check out our documentation or visit our Pages training track.

The documentation link doesn’t seem to go anywhere…

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for flagging this! I updated the link in the original post, but the pages reference documentation can be found at Pages | Hitchhikers.