Full Site Previews (Summer '22 Release)

A critical component of the page development process is the ability to build and test. Yext’s new Pages architecture allows you to preview every page in your site before you publish to production.

Previews are instantly available for each of your deploys, and can be published to a dedicated staging environment. This makes it easy to share any frontend changes with all relevant stakeholders.

For content editors, Pages also allows you to preview “suggested content edits” from the Knowledge Graph — meaning you can preview content updates before publishing them to production. In order to do this users simply need to suggest an edit to the Knowledge Graph and select Generate Page Previews from the Select Action dropdown menu on that entity.

Note: You must be on the new Pages architecture to take advantage of Full Site Previews. See below for instructions!

Feature Name: Summer '22: Custom Pages Development (early access)

This feature is available now! The timeline below shows how you can use this feature:

  • Early Access of the Summer ‘22 Release
    • This feature is automatically turned on in challenge accounts.
    • You can turn on this feature yourself in playground, developer, and production accounts in Account Settings.
  • General Availability of the Summer ‘22 Release
    • This feature will automatically be turned on for all accounts.

To learn more about custom Pages development, visit the new Pages track.