Facet default functionality

Hey team! We’re working on a SQ audit of a new Answers experience, and had a question about the default functionality of facets pulling from a Multi-Option Select field, such as Languages Spoken/Designations.

We’re currently seeing that, when multiple languages are selected, Advisors are surfaced who meet any of the languages selected, rather than surfacing Advisors who meet all of the selected options. Is this the expected default behavior for these types of facets, or would we expect them to function as ‘AND’ operators, rather than ‘OR’?

Thanks so much!

Hi Aidan - welcome to the Community!

You’re correct; the expected behavior for multiple selections using facets is that they work as OR operators. When you select multiple options within a single facet, each selected option is joined by ‘OR’. However, if you were to select one option from multiple sets of facets, those two selections would be joined by an ‘AND’.

So, for example: let’s say you have two sets of facets, one for Language (e.g., English, Spanish, French) and one for the City where your advisor is located (e.g., New York, Chicago, LA).

If I were to choose “English” and “Spanish” from the Language facet options, those would be separated by “OR”.

However, if I were to choose “English” and “Spanish” under the Language options, as well as “New York” under the City options, the logic would look like this: ((English) OR (Spanish)) AND (New York City).

It’s currently on our roadmap to allow further customizations of these default behaviors, but in the meantime, this would be a great addition to Ideas!