Filter for Updated Reviews

Reviewers commonly update their reviews after posting, especially after receiving a response from the business.

With this release we have added a new filter to the Monitoring sub-tab called “Update Status” with the option to select from the following options:

  • Updated Since Last Response
  • Updated (Ever)
  • Never Updated

This new filter will enable you to view reviews that have been updated by the reviewer, and those which have been updated since you last responded, so that you can take action accordingly.

Additionally, labeling rules and notifications are re-evaluated on review updates, so if you want to apply a label to reviews which have been ‘Updated Since Last Response’ or receive a notification for these reviews, you would simply create rules with this filter.

Or, if you have automatic labeling rules set up to label reviews that contain a specific keyword, and a review was updated and now contains that keyword the review will re-evaluated after the update and labeled accordingly.

To learn more about Review Monitoring, Filters, and Labels, visit the Review Monitoring, and Review Labels training modules.