Saved Filter Improvements (Spring '22 Release)

We’ve updated the UI for creating and updating saved filters to increase visibility into how Saved Filters are being used and how downstream systems will be impacted when making updates.

Updated Save Filter Button
There will no longer be a “Save Filter”/“Update Saved Filter” button in the expanded filter panel. Creating and modifying saved filters will now be completed using the Save icon in the filter bar. After clicking the Save icon in the filter bar, you will see both options to add or update the filter. Note that “Update Saved Filter” will be grayed out unless a Saved Filter is applied to the page and the filter criteria has been updated.

Confirmation Modal
When users make changes to an existing saved filter that is in use by a downstream system (e.g., Pages, Answers, Streams Endpoints), a new confirmation modal will appear after clicking Update Saved Filter. The intention of this is to clearly show users how updating saved filters will impact products/experiences where they are used.

In this modal, you will see:

  • Entity count before and after change
  • Filters applied before and after change
  • The products that utilize this filter

In order to confirm saved filter updates, users will need to type in the Saved Filter Name and click Save and Update Filter.

Additional Columns on the Saved Filters Table
We have added some new columns to the Saved Filters Table to make it easier to understand the impact of updating saved filters:

  • Entity Count: The count of entities currently included in the filter set
  • Last Updated: The date/time that this filter was last updated
  • In Use By: The list of downstream systems currently using the saved filter (e.g., Answers, Pages)

Turn on the Spring '22 Release: Saved Filter Improvements (early access) account feature to use this feature during the Early Access period.

To learn more about updating and creating saved filters, visit the Saved Filters training module.

Hi there, do these saved filters work across different sections of the dashboard? For example would a saved filter for listings appear as a saved filter for reviews (where the filtering selected is relevant to reviews)

Kind regards,