FTPs and SFTPs: What They Are and How They're Used with Yext

SFTP, or SSH File Transfer Protocol, is a secure transfer tool that facilitates data access and data transfer over a secure channel. In layman’s terms, it’s a way that you can share files from one system to another. You can learn more about what an FTP or SFTP is and which tool might be best for you through these resources:

There are two “directions” in which SFTPs can be used with Yext:

Yext → You
You can use an SFTP to export data from Yext to your business. Check out this module for more info on setting up automated entity exports: How to Save and Automate Delivery of Exports | Hitchhikers

While delivering to an email is very helpful, delivering data to an SFTP or FTP gives you additional flexibility to help automate downstream processes. For example, other systems can auto-retrieve the file, which can then be used to complete another task. This data delivery can often replace the need for custom API development.

You → Yext
With Yext, you can use an SFTP to send data to our team for file updates at regular cadences, or for automated data transfers to support ETLs. An ETL, or “Extract-Transform-Load,” supports a custom API integration built by Yext’s Professional Services. ETLs can automatically update data in the Yext platform, using custom development work to map your data to Yext Knowledge Graph fields. Talk to your Success Manager to discuss whether purchasing a Yext-built ETL is the right choice for you.

The settings for FTP or SFTP for exports are very standard. You should talk to your IT Administrator who likely owns the SFTP or FTP servers for the Hostname, Port, Username, Password and Folder Path. They should be able to guide you, and if not, please reach out to your Success Manager for assistance as we’d happily walk you or your IT administrator through this. Below is a screenshot of the automated export page, which includes all necessary fields for an SFTP drop.

Let us know in the community if you have any questions about FTPs or SFTPs, their settings, or use cases!

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This is awesome! Could we publish a follow up to this to encompass our spring '23 platform update whereby customers could self serve and build a custom connector with SFTP as a source?

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